Why did I record a song?

Since I am having my breakfast in the garden all winter I thought I would round up a big pile of friends to help me make a song to keep me going. I wanted to write an upbeat, positive tune with a worthwhile lyric. The song and video are now available on all major download sites.
All proceeds from the single will be donated to Shelter. No artists were paid for their performancees and absolutley no costs whatsoever have been incurred against the proceeds from the sale of the song. Every last penny will go to Shelter.

“(All I Need Is) A Little Shelter” by The Breakfast Bunch

Written and Produced by Andy Haldane

Vocals by Katie Sutherland, Sharon Fehlberg, Madaleine Pritchard, Sara Kerr, Mary Kiani, Rachele Rhienne, Tom Urie, Jackie Hamilton, Billie Kerr, Chris Judge, Greig Friel, Stefanie Lawrence, Crystal Blakk, Lesley Jorgensen, Thomas McCallum, Lillian Higgins, Graeme Murray, Jade Burke, Beverley Lyons, Luciano Arcari, Malcolm Button, Jane Button, Caitlin Haldane, Nikki Haldane, Andy Haldane and Melanie Masson.

Acoustic Guitar by Stevie Greer

Electric Guitar by Stevie Hay with Charlie Boyle

Good Karma by Stuart Scooby Cochrane

Drums, video and photos by Dillon Haldane
other instruments by Andy Haldane

Music and video recorded at Andy Haldane Productions, Glasgow

Kyo Bros Remix of '(All I Need Is) A Little Shelter'

Jade Burke's version of '(All I Need Is) A Little Shelter'

Video written, filmed and edited by 13 year old Jade Burke!