Recording with me at my studio

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Each individual client has different needs, but this is essentially the process.


Before you come to work with me it is a good idea, a few days before you arrive, if you send me a couple of links to youtube or some other site of one or two songs as reference material for the musical area you would like your song to eventually sound like. This lets me get my head into the right frame of mind for creating the music. Every aspect of a piece of music is shaped by the style that we are aiming for. Certain chord progressions are perfect for an RnB tune, but not so good for a pop track.

Don't go out the night before we work (I promise I won't either!), a fresh head, and more importantly a rested voice will make for an infinitely better finished recording.

I will be making you tea/coffee/water and biscuits to keep you going, but I'm not a great cook, so if you think you will need more than that then by all means bring along a sandwich/pasta/soup whatever you like, it's no problem at all. There is a shop and a bakery 5 mins walk from the house, and 5 mins drive you can find almost anything you like to eat.

Getting started

So you have the song in your head, but now is the time to actually get it into my head. We will sit for 15-30 mins with you singing the various parts of the melody and me working out chords, bass line and building up a general rhythmic feel. I will get all of that into the computer and then start to build it up into a fairly full backing track but I won't finish the backing track at this point though since I want to allow enough space for your voice to breathe and for us to add further details later.

Recording your vocals

I take great pride in ensuring that I record really top quality vocal performances from my clients. I will really work with you, help you to get the song sounding it's very best by suggesting possible adjustments to emphasis, pronunciation, breathing etc. Some of these things might seem irrelevant at the time, but it is all part of making the vocal the best it can possibly be for the song. If it takes 3 takes then great, if we have to do it section at a time (which is the most common way) maybe doing 3-6 takes of each section then picking the best bits then that can be fine too. Slower songs are usually better sung straight through from start to finish to maintain the feel, but I will happily tackle the task in any way that gets a top quality result and makes you feel more comfortable.

Fitting it all together

Once we have your finished vocal done then I can work on incorporating your performance into the mix, adding effects, editing them and performing various tricks to not only get them sounding good, but to add colour and texture to the recording. Other instrumental parts will be added that compliment what you have done, along with further production details which just give the track that finishing polish.

Now we have a finished track which I will give you a master CD away with you and also email you an mp3 of the song to allow you to send it on and also to upload it MySpace/Facebook/YouTube etc

Typical project cost £180 - £300