Learn the tricks of the trade

There is so much to know about production that we are all learning every day we make music, but there are many tricks and techniques that if you didn't know them, you may never pick them up. I have been producing for nearly 25 years now (I started young, honestly) and although I don't profess to know everything, I do have a huge wealth of experience which I am quite happy to pass on to others. To this end, from time to time I hold masterclass tuition sessions.

Principally teaching using Apple Logic Pro as the main software workstation, (although I can also explain Cubase and Pro Tools) each session will concentrate on an agreed set of techniques, but it is down to the client if you want to explore any avenue that specifically interests you.

2 Hour Masterclass

The 2 hour session is enough time to either fully explore a single concept, or to cover several areas (delays, reverbs, drums, bass, loops etc)

2 hour of tuition - Cost £60

6 Hour Masterclass

If you are travelling a long distance to learn with me you may prefer this longer 6 hour session. Rather than simply bombarding you with information all day, what I suggest is that we actually build a track from start to finish. We will not be intending the track to be a completed work, but simply a framework to put everything into context. By the end of the day you will have seen a blank screen transform into a fully living a breathing track, and you will (hopefully) understand how it ended up as it did.

6 hour tuition - Cost £180