The Songs

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You have written your own song

If you write your own songs then great, that's a huge part of the work already complete. It really helps me to have a clear version to work from, so whether it is a dictaphone, mobile phone, computer, cassette or whatever you put it down on, try to give me as accurate a rendition of the song as you possibly can, so that I can really understand the emotion and feel you are trying to put across. Also a typed copy of the lyrics is really important too.

Songwriting Service

If you don't write your own songs, or if you write lyrics but not music or melody then I can write a song to your specification. Ideally we would sit down and do this together, but if you can give me as much detail on how you would like the song to be (musical style, emotion, etc) then I can do this for you.

Cover Version

You can of course record a cover version of a previously recorded song by another artist. There is nothing to pay the original writer until you actually release the track, and unless you brutally change the lyrics some way, you don't even have to ask permission then, simply just apply for an MCPS licence to ensure the original writer is paid from record sales and downloads.

We can thoroughly rework any song, and a great idea is to vary the style of the song from the original. Album tracks that never saw the light of day as singles are a brilliant hunting ground for previously unheard songs (by the masses). A good example is Natalie Imbuglia, whose first single Torn was written and released by another act 3 years prior to her recording, but her's is by far the best known version.

Some of my own songs

Songs written by Andy Haldane