Producing your song with a Session Vocalist

Recording With A Session Singer

Session Vocals

If you don't sing then I will be able to employ a session vocalist on your behalf who appropriate to your project. Typical cost for the actual vocalist attending and performing all vocals on your song is £100. There is of course still my fee for the actual time spent recording the vocals, and this can make this route seem expensive, but remember that the session vocalist will do a stunning job every time, and will usually be able to exceed your expectations of what would be possible. This is one of the most important reasons to avoid saving money and simply just 'bringing a friend who can sing'.

Reference material

Firstly it is a good idea if you send me a couple of links to youtube or some other site of one or two songs as reference material for the musical area you would like your song to eventually sound like. This lets me get my head into the right frame of mind for creating the music. Every aspect of a piece of music is shaped by the style that we are aiming for. Certain chord progressions are perfect for an RnB tune, but not so good for a pop track. I will not just copy what you send me though!

The essentials of your song

Then I need a very basic recording of the topline melody, or a guitar/piano vocal version if you already have chords worked out. This can be done on a basic mic into a computer soundcard, onto a mobile phone, or even a cassette if necessary. Just keep it straight and clean, but with whatever emphasis you feel is important to get the emotion of the song across. Just make it the essentials of the song, try to avoid a 10 minute version (unless it is supposed be 10 minutes, which is fine...I think!). Lastly a copy of the lyrics, so that I can into the vibe of the song, and also this helps me to map out how I will fit it all together.

Backing track

With all this in hand I will then sit down, work out a harmonic structure with the melody, then create some drums, bass, and keyboards or guitar (depending on the style) and work on the layout of the song (where the intro/verse/chorus/break etc should all fit). Once the framework is in place I will then flesh it out with more instruments and detail to the point where it sounds like a strong enough backing track to perform the vocals to. What I don't do is completely finish the backing track though. I leave enough space for you to do perform and also allow myslef the space to add other instruments to enhance your performance.

Recording the vocals

Now that I have the backing track done, I will email an mp3 of it to you for approval and once you are happy with it I will organise a session date with the vocalist we have decided upon. Usually I will allocate a 3 hour session which should be ample to record whatever lead and backing vocals are required.

Fitting it all together

Once we have the vocals done, I then work on incorporating it into the mix, adding effects, editing them and performing various tricks to not only get them sounding good, but to add colour and texture to the recording. Other instrumental parts will be added that compliment what you have done, along with further production details which just give the track that finishing polish.

Now we have a finished track which I will send to you as a WAV file and an MP3 file. I will happily send on a master CD as well in the post if you wish