Dance Remixes

I have been involved in the dance music scene since the early 1990's. I've produced, engineered and remixed literally hundreds of successful tracks with hits in the UK, Europe, Australia and the Far East.
This has been creating brand new tracks and remixing new or classic tunes.

Dance Remixes by Andy Haldane Productions

What do I need from you?

Typically a client will send me an MP3 or WAV file of the vocals of the song (an acapella mix, Ideally this will have no effects on it, but it is not a mojor problem if it does) and any important musical parts if available.

How will I know what you want it to sound like?

What is useful to have to hand before I start your remix are the titles of 2 or 3 current mixes that the client likes the general feel and vibe of, this lets me know broadly how you would like your mix to sound when finished. I won't ever copy anything else, but at least I know the type of clubs you are aiming at. If the mixes you are suggesting are very new then an mp3 by email will save me hunting around for hours to find it!

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Typical project cost £150 - £300