Andy Haldane's Studio

In a cosy control room overlooking a very private back garden sits my studio. A peaceful and tranquil setting in total seclusion means there are no unnecessary interuptions, space to get outside and clear your head, and the ability to make as much noise as we need to. Yet all this is within 10 mins of Glasgow city centre by car or by train (station is 5 mins walk from the house)

Gear List


Apple Mac Pro 8 Core Computer 6Gb Ram, 4Tb Drives

Simply the finest piece of computer hardware on the market. Stunningly fast and efficient, crashes and viruses don't exist, double backups at the end of each day to ensure you don't lose anything, and the ability to run any amount of plug-ins to make your tunes sound lovely

Audio Interface

TC Electronic Konnekt 48

Incredibly high fidelity audio interface allowing pristine playback and record of audio sources.


Adam A7 active monitors

Industry standard studio monitors with beautiful depth and detail to let me hear exactly what is going on.

Vocal Mic


World class vocal recording mic

Valve Pre-Amps

SPL Channel One

Extremely hi-tech German made valve pre-amp, superb for both vocals and guitars, adding the warmth and character that can be missing from any 'all computer' based system.

TL Audio 5050

Classic British made valve pre-amp, superb for bass and electric guitars and a great option for vintage sounding vocals.


Ibanez ATK400 Bass
Ibanez GSR200 Bass
Freshman Apollo 3 DC (with Fishman Dual blend pre-amp)
Paul Reed Smith CE22 (pictured)Handmade USA guitar


Apple Logic Pro 9
Melodyne - Vocal tuning software
reFX Nexus - soft synth
Arturia Minimoog - soft synth
Korg Legacy - soft synth
U-He Zebra - soft synth
Synth Squad Strobe
Toontrack Superior Drummer
Native Instruments Kontakt
various other plug-ins