Mixdown Service

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Making it all sound amazing

Do you wish your track could sound better?

If you have recorded your track in your home set-up or at another studio and you feel the result is not what it could be then I can help.

25 years if experience mixing music in a vast range of styles gives me the knowedge and skill to get the very best from your music. Starting with the individual audio files from each track in your song, I will reconstruct the mix from the ground up, adding eq, effects as necessary to bring out the best elements in the song, adding dynamics and detail to keep the listener's interest up, and ensuring that the music remains true to the original, yet fresh sounding from start to end.

If there are any areas of the track that you want brushed up in any way (typically the rhythm section, whether it be drums or bass) then that is no problem. I will rebuild that, utilising the feel as you originally had it, but bringing new elements in to keep it totally current and relevant.

I pay particular attention also to the vocals, even if there is just a single vocal line, I will add detailed and subtle effects to create light and shade between sections

Many clients ask me to mix their material and essentially leave it 'as they supply it' but are looking for particular areas worked on and amended, so simply give me your specifc requirements when you send me the files of the song, so that I know which areas to leave untouched (other than the obvious tweaking that goes on) and which areas are to be given a good going over.


The cost of mixing your track down very much depends on what you are supplying me (in terms of files) and exactly what you are looking for me to achieve in the mix.

Typical project cost £150 - £200