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The finishing touch

The last stage in the process before your song is pressed to a CD

OK, so you have finished your recording and you are very happy with it. Maybe you recorded it at a professional studio or possibly even at home. You paid attention to detail throughout the process, kept the noise low and the levels high, gave a great performance, and mixed it beautifully But it still doesn't sound as good as any CD you compare it to.....

This is what you need to do

Your track needs 'Mastered', the process that every piece of music goes through prior to being pressed. This somewhat mystical process is simply the action of compressing, equalising, limiting and shaping the overall sound of your music to get the absolute best out of the recording.It is quite incredible the difference that can be made to any piece of music. The result is more definition, presence and clarity, as well as making it as loud as it possibly can be without a hint of distortion. There is no hard and fast system to achieving the best end result, simply the application of High Quality Audio Tools, methods and an experienced and skilled pair of ears. From a WAV or AIF file (emailed or posted on CD) I can usually Master your songs within 3 days.

For a limited time only I have reduced the price of my Mastering service

No reason to have a flat sounding recording anymore, for only £30 I will transform the sound of any recording you have produced and bring it to life by applying the processes of MASTERING to your mix.....

This is what you need to do

Simply click the PAY NOW button below to send your £30 payment and then upload your WAV or AIFF file to me using the service. Send it to

I will have your mastered recording back to you within 48 hours of you uploading it to me (weekends excepted)

Select Number of Songs


  • One Song £30
  • Two Songs £50
  • Three Songs £65
  • Ten Songs £150
  • Call for other options


Click each waveform to hear the difference between original (left) and mastered (right) recordings

Audio Waveform

Audio Waveform