Vocals are done, you need some music now.

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Building a new version of a track from vocals

Ok so you already have your vocals recorded but you need an all new approach to the musical backing.

Having the vocals already completed can save some time in the production process but of course it does depend in exactly what format the vocals have been recorded in as to how simple it will be to produce a track around them.

A complete mixed acapella of vocals from a song that runs at a consistent tempo takes significantly less time to work with than separate vocal tracks from an old recording done against a live drummer. This is one of the variables that would affect the cost of working on this type of project

Keeping me on the right track

Firstly it is a good idea if you send me a couple of links to youtube or some other site of one or two songs as reference material for the musical area you would like your song to eventually sound like. This lets me get my head into the right frame of mind for creating the music. Every aspect of a piece of music is shaped by the style that we are aiming for. Certain chord progressions are perfect for an RnB tune, but not so good for a pop track. I will not just copy what you send me though!

Send me the vocals

Click here for more info on how to get the vocals to me

Building your vocals into a new track

Once I have your vocals and the reference material I go ahead and create an entirely new musical arrangement around your song. Everything will be created fresh for your song from top to bottom using whatever instruments and sounds are appropriate to the style you are looking to achieve for the piece.

Near to the end of the production I will email you a draft mix for your comments which I will do my very best to incorporate into the final mix

Once you have approved the final mix and payment is made I send you a WAV and MP3 of the song via SendSpace

If required I can also mix an instrumental version of the track for live performance purposes

Typical project cost £200 -£250