Frequently Asked Questions

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play'I have a song idea but I don't play an instrument, what can I do?

As long as you can sing the top line tune to me, then I can create a backing track for you, building up a musical, rhythmic and chordal backing that is sympathetic to the tune. Obviously I need to know the general style you wish to work in, so that we get the best out of the tune, and to make sure the backing music is appropriate. more info ...

play'I can't sing a note, but I have all the words and music in place?'

I have access to a range of session vocalists, and I'm sure I can make sure that we can get an excellent lead vocal, and backing vocals recorded to show you song off inthe best light. more info ...

play'I have a recording of my song, but I want it completely reworked from scratch?'

If you have the original parts of the song, in computer file format then that can make the job easier, although transferring it can actually take longer than just starting from a clean sheet and building up a fresh new version. more info ...

play'I have some samples and a vibe and I want to make a dance track?'

Best thing in this case is to bring me a selection of reference tracks to base our tune on. We wont copy them, but try to take some of the spirit and attitude of them to help mould something totally new. more info ...

play'I want to rip apart an old song and change parts of it and make it into something new?

Firstly the legalilty.... if you are going to mess with a cover version of a song, you must get permission from the original publisher to vary the song if you ever wished to release it. Having said that there is no harm in working with old songs, sampling them, and then messing about to try to use it as the basis for a new tune. In many occasions it can spark inspiration and then the original sample can be removed, therefore negating any legal issue.

play'What do I need to bring with me on the day?

Nothing really, except a sandwich to keep you going if my tea & biscuits aren't enough for you. There are a couple of shops 10 minutes walk away. I would ask that you have a good nights sleep before you come though. The studio environment is quite tiring and you need to be refreshed before you start, so make sure you are early to bed and get a good sleep.

play'What will I take away with me?

Normally I give each client a single CD of our recording, but I will happily burn a few more if needed. The CD I burn can be then used to burn more on any computer so there is no restriction with what you do with the master copy.