Creating music for you

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Creating original songs for you

If you don't write your own songs, or if you write lyrics but not music or melody then I can write a complete song to your specification. Ideally we would sit down and do this together, but if you can give me as much detail on how you would like the song to be (musical style, emotion, etc) then I can do this for you.

Creating original music for Film/TV/Radio etc

If you require music then I can work from your brief to create the music that you need to enhance and augment your project. I am able to seemlessly work using a wide range of musical influences to produce music of a high standard

Re-imagining a piece of music

It is of course perfectly possible to take an already existing piece of music and re-work it for your purposes, there are legal and cost implications to doing this of course and it is best to be absolutely clear about the possible restrictions prior to commencement of recording. I can advise on this up to a point, although proper legal advice may be the best option. Generally speaking if you keep true to the original there are no specific issues although royalties must go to the original writer. If you plan on thoroughly re-working a song then explicit permission is usually required from the original writer.

Some of my own songs

Songs written by Andy Haldane