I have had a love of music of all types since a young age. When I was 5 I would recite the lyrics to every top 10 hit, and was dissecting the arrangments of tunes by the time I was 10. A whirlwind of learning different instruments and playing in various bands in my teenage years, led me to devote my musical career to the production side, an area where I could specialise and excel. My passion was and still is,for creating superb sounding music with great performances.

Having been part of the team involved in the testing of Cubase in 1988 (world's first music production software) while working as a manager for a large musical instrument retailer, I recognised the potential of computers in music. I subsequently left my job in 1992 to set up Apollo Recording along with partner Calum Maclean. Our studio was recognised as one of the first totally computer based commercial recording studios in the world.

We fittted the studio out with the very latest Digital Recording gear (Pro Tools, Cubase), which proved an excellent choice, since for several years we were one of the few places in Scotland with this type of system, and most importantly we knew how to get the best out of it. We became known as a Dance Music studio, but this was only partly true since we also recorded a huge amount of Indie, Metal and also Jazz amoungst others.

Between 1992 and 2000 much of the dance music produced in Scotland was made at Apollo Recording, most of it for UK record companies but some for European and Far Eastern markets. Somewhere in the region of 2 million records were sold from productions created during this period, with number 1's in various countries throughout the world. I recognized that advances in PC technology would ultimately open the recording market up and erode Apollo’s leading position and when an opportunity arose I sold my share of the business to concentrate on Merchant City Music until 2005.

I now work from home in my deceptively simple, yet state of the art recording facility producing music in all types of genre. I now use Apple Logic Studio 9 for the bulk of my work since it is the most complete and stable piece of software on the market.

Along with a high powered Apple Mac Pro computer, TC Electronic Audio Interface, SPL valve preamps and various mics for vocals, the results I achieve are of finished master standard.