Creating your musical arrangment

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Creating the arrangement

What do I do?

Working from the brief you have given me prior to the session starting, I will first block out the chord movement of the song, ensuring that it compliments both the melody and style of song as perfectly as possible. Having got that in place, I usually work on the 'feel' of the song, putting drums, bass and basic rhythm parts together. With this backbone in place the real meat of the arrangement starts to form, with the structure taking shape (intro, middle 8, ending etc) building dynamics by adding more instruments at the choruses (usually, but not always) and basically just doing whatever is required to get the song sounding as good as possible.

How do I do it?

I am a trained musician and play keyboards and bass to a reasonably high standard, I also play guitar, but generally stress that my abilities are limited somewhat and it may be necessary to use another player for specific types of parts. Having said that every single guitar part on every song on this web site was played by myself so I'm not completely useless!

I specialise in drum programming as well, many years ago I did session a lot of drum programming sessions for many clients in the years before common acceptance of computer based recording.

I also have a huge and constantly updated sample library to build great grooves and effects for your songs.

So using all my skills and experience coupled with my computer expertise I can pretty much do anything you are likely to need put into your song musically. (I don't play anything you have to blow into, sorry, but I do have really good samples!)